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Pi Day

15 Mar

Yesterday we celebrated Pi Day in my classes. Pi Day is the one day of the school year that we have a party. I am one of three 7th grade math teachers at my building. For the past three years we have had all our classes celebrate Pi Day together. The kids love it, and it’s a nice break from regular class. I wanted to give you all an overview of what we do, and maybe you can work in some of these activities next year with your class. These activities would work for almost any grade level. I’ve also included a few pics from our celebration.

Pi Day Activities

Story Time

One of us will read “Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi” to the students. It’s a super cheesy/corny book, but the kids like it. Also there are tons of free Teachers Pay Teachers supplements to this book if you wanted to go more in depth with it.

Arts and Crafts Time

This is my favorite part of our Pi Day celebration. We make a giant paper chain where each link in the chain represents a different digit in the decimal part of pi. We will cut out strips of construction paper in ten different colors. Each color corresponds to a different digit 0-9. Then we will have the students line up, assign them a number, and they pick up the color that goes with their number. Then they sign the strip of paper and add it to the paper chain. After each student has added their link, we hang the chain up in the 7th grade hallway. It is so fun to watch the kids come in the next morning off the bus. They all walk around looking up to see if they can find their link. It’s such a great visual and it really brightens up the hallway. It’s difficult to get a good picture of it because it’s so long and the lighting in the hallway is terrible, but hopefully you’ll get the idea. IMG_7172 IMG_7173 IMG_7174 IMG_7175

Snack Time

We have the students bring in circular treats to share with their classmates. It’s always fun to see what they come up with. I highly recommend telling them to cut slices ahead of time, especially if they’re bringing in cookie cake or actual pie.

IMG_7164 IMG_7165 IMG_7171


Whatever you do, I hope you celebrate Pi Day with your students, or at least mention it. It’s always fun to make math fun!!