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Integer Practice with Dice and Spinners

13 Sep

When I gave my PreAlgebra pretest this year several of my students said “We never learned negatives!” My heart sank. I replied “You didn’t do integers last year,” and of course I got the response “What’s an integer??” Dismay! Despair! Dread! We all know kids struggle with integers and here I was learning they’d not even been exposed to them. I decided this is where I had to start. I spent a few days going over the rules and giving notes and doing problems as a class. I feel like I worksheeted the kids to death. For a review of all the operations before a quiz I wanted to do something different than just giving the students a worksheet full of problems. So I came up with a fill-in the blank worksheet. Students worked in pairs and I gave each pair a die, spinner, and a paperclip. Each student received a worksheet. Then I gave them time to work through the sheet. It worked really well, and I was able to check students’ work as they went. They all got a variety of problems, and several students said they enjoyed creating problems this way.

Supplies for the Activity

Supplies for the Activity


I plan on using the spinners and dice again. This could work with fill in the blank fraction sheets, or fill in the blank equations. It’s nice because it doesn’t give the students too big of numbers to deal with. If you wanted them to have larger numbers you could have them roll two dice at once to create a two-digit number. You could also use this activity as a center.


How the spinner works…

I hate making my own spinners. They never work quite right, and sometimes those brass fasteners are hard to find! So now I just use paperclips. I give the kids one and have them set the paperclip in the middle, then put their pencil down in the center and spin the paperclip. Works brilliantly, and it’s sooo much easier.20130912_142007

Feeling generous… Integer worksheet and spinner template for FREE on TpT: