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Writing Linear Equations Centers

9 Nov

Currently my PreAlgebra students are working through a chapter on writing linear equations. I wanted to come up with some centers for them to review what we’ve been working on in class. I did these centers with them yesterday in class and it went really well. The kids did great and I think almost all of them found the centers to be helpful. Here’s the overview of each center along with some shots of the centers in action.

  • Wicked Whiteboards

I created two sets of cards: 1 set of cards with a point on them, and 1 set with a slope. Students took turns drawing a slope card and a point card. Then everyone in the group wrote an equation for the line that passes through the slope and the point. Having the students all do the same problem is great because then they can check each others’ work. Also my whiteboards have a coordinate plane on the back so they could practice finding an equation by graphing as well.

I think the kids did really well with this center. They love drawing on the whiteboards and worked well in their groups to help each other write correct equations.

  • Amazing Activities

For this center I created “Graphing Go Fish” cards. Half of the cards were graphs with a linear equation drawn on them. The other half were the equations that matched the graphs. Students had to get pairs by matching the equations and graphs.

This activity was the students’ favorite. They loved playing Go Fish and it was great to hear them saying the equations aloud.

  • Puzzle Time

For this center I created a Tarsia puzzle where the problems were two points (ordered pairs), and students had to match these up with the correct  equation. If they do this all correctly the smaller triangles fit together to form a large triangle.

Students do well with these puzzles. They always try to get it finished, and they know they have a short amount of time to work on it so they work quickly and well together.

  • Small Group Instruction

This week for SGI I passed back their quizzes from earlier in the week and then went over some of the problems with each group. Then I had time to individually conference with students that may have done poorly on the quiz. It gave students the opportunity to ask questions without the worry of the entire class knowing they missed a problem on their quiz. Also the groups worked together to make corrections on their quiz. Many students wrote down that this was the most helpful center.