By the Numbers First Week of School Activity

19 Aug

This is a new activity I’m going to try this year. I think it’s going to be a great way for me to share some facts about me with my students, and for me to learn about them. And they have to use numbers to tell me (and their classmates) about themselves. I call it a first week of school activity, but it could be used for the first day, or later in the first week or even assigned as a homework assignment in the first week.

I created a worksheet that has a box in the center and says “By the Numbers” underneath the box. I’m going to start by showing the students my example…


My example. I chose numbers that I could use to tell students more about me. For example the 12 is the number of the QB on my favorite team (the Colts) and my least favorite team (the Patriots). This way they’ll learn that I’m a big sports/football fan.

I’ll have students write their name above the box and then draw a self portrait in the box. Then I’m going to have them write at least 5 facts around the box using numbers. For example “3 = the number of siblings I have” or “20 = the number of books I read this summer”.  I’m probably going to give students about 15 minutes to write their facts and draw the self portrait. Then I’m going to have them share some of their facts with me and the class. Depending on the time left and the number of students in each class, I will limit the number of facts they share.

I think this will be a fun way to get info about my students, instead of having them just fill out info sheets. Plus I love the fact that it uses numbers.

If you want the PDF that I’m going to pass out to students you can get it for free on my TpT site. I highly encourage using this with your math students, and especially make your own to share with them!


One Response to “By the Numbers First Week of School Activity”

  1. Shelby May 16, 2015 at 7:45 pm #

    I love this activity! I am going to be starting my first year teaching a group of 6th grade classes in the fall and I can’t wait to try this activity the first week of school. Thanks for the idea!!

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