New Year’s Resolution

5 Aug

It’s almost the start of the school year!! It’s that great time of year when I’ve forgotten all the terrible parent emails, the long (seemingly pointless) meetings, and the headaches that often come with teaching. I’m full of ideas for the new year, and a determination that this year, I’m going to do it right. I’m anxious to set up my classroom, meet my new students, and start the year off right. A lot has changed over the past few months. I’ll be talking about those in my future posts, but today I want to talk about my resolutions for this upcoming school year. I know a lot of teachers make goals for the new year, and I like to make resolutions (that way if I don’t meet my goal, I don’t feel like such a failure! Lame I know). 

My main resolution this year is to keep the excitement  I have right now throughout the school year. It’s so easy to get down about teaching, and frustrated with the grading, emails and management problems. Whenever I get down about the job this year, I’m going to surf some blogs, browse pinterest, and get excited about doing something new with my kids.

Also I resolve to remember that it’s not about me, or my fellow staff members, the admin, or even the parents. It’s about the kids, and making their learning experience as great as possible. This is one I really struggle with during the year. I focus too much on all the bad stuff, and not enough on making it great for the students.

I’m also hoping that throughout the year when I update this blog, I’ll see this post and remember what I want to be working on.

Coming soon … First Day activities, fun classroom ideas, More Math-tastic activities

I hope everyone has a great start to the new school year! I cannot wait to share more with you, and also hear all about the amazing things you’re doing in your classroom.


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